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Acupuncture used to quit smoking will also lower the blood levels for smoking related chemicals. Because of these positive results there should not be any excuse for anyone to be able stop smoking if their brain wants them to quit.

Reference 267. Andrzejowski J et al. Semi-permanent acupuncture needles in the prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting. Acupuncture-Medicine, 1996, 14(2):68-70.

Bone Cancer Pain, enforceable and Internet Clinic Medicomat. Rats with IBS given a 7-day course of electroacupuncture had significantly lowered visceral sensitivity, fewer mast cells, lower levels of corticotrophin releasing hormone in the hypothalamus and decreased expression of substance P in the colon, compared with control (no acupuncture) groups.

The researchers concluded that the combination of electroacupuncture, manipulation and rehabilitation training is effective in treating the medial collateral ligament injuries.

Acupuncture (Medicomat) successfully treated poor concentration. Poor concentration is in fact a loss of will, optimism, dementia and dementia in the elderly, etc. ... There are acupuncture points on the body of correct needle stimulation, and will return to optimism, which effectively returns all the attributes of concentration and will and optimism.

This is advantageous when trying to combine or use the traditional treatment with modern medicine as medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and osteopaths use the same new terminologies, basis of diagnosis and treatments and systems.

The question at hand here is whether an art that has existed for 2000 years can be replicated in an electronic device that anyone can use with little or no training. It has long been accepted that both acupuncture and transcutaneous electrical stimulation (TENS) have delivered significant benefits for some people suffering from pain and therefore the only real question to be answered is whether an untrained person can identify blockages in their meridians and treat their underlying condition without specialist help.

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